First Visit


Your first visit at Gumberich Family Chiropractic is an education process. We learn about you and your health concerns, and determine if we are the right place for your care. You learn about our office and decide if we fit your needs. During your appointment with Dr. Gumberich, he will review your health history and perform a series of tests to determine if we can accept you as a patient and help you the way you want to be helped. If we determine you are a candidate for care, three x-rays (Lateral, Nasium and Vertex views) will be taken to measure your unique misalignment. The doctor will analyze and mark them to determine your individual adjustment vector, or listing. This visit usually takes 45 minutes.


On your second visit, you will sit down and meet with the doctor to review your examination findings. The doctor will discuss with you program options to obtain the results you are looking for. Your program is individual to you and based on several different factors from your examination. Bring your questions; they will be answered before you receive your first correction. We also encourage you to bring a family member or friend along. Afterwards, you will receive your first adjustment. The correction itself will only take a couple of minutes to perform. You will barely feel the doctor touching your neck during the adjustment and there are no twists, pops or forceful movements. After the correction, one or two post x-rays will be taken, and you will rest for 20 minutes and/or receive therapy. Please allow 45 minutes for the entire visit


During a regular office visit, the doctor will determine how your body is doing with the adjustment from the previous visit. A series of pre and post measurements will be performed which will tell us how your body is responding and how you are progressing. Follow-up visits usually last around 20-25 minutes .
Our bodies have been designed and
given an innate wisdom, or intelligence. The conductor of this wisdom is the nervous system – your brain and spinal cord. The delicate connection of this system is at the top of your spine, protected by your skull and the first bone in your neck, called the Atlas. We gently adjust this area because it is the command center, and virtually controls all other functions of your body – including the muscles, bones and nerves in and along your spine. Our goal is to correct this misalignment as quickly as possible so your body may stabilize and heal in a balanced position, allowing 100% nerve flow from your brain to reach your body, and equally, flow from your body back to your brain. This is the connection. This is body balance.